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4d is a small practice with the capability to expand & contract according to the flow of work required.

A core team of 4 persons is supported by as many as 6 key contract staff who have & continue to maintain a close association with 4d.

In the establishment & ongoing practice of this model, 4d provide a consistency in the delivery of crucial conceptual, management & strategic project tasks, while being capable of up-scaling a project team to meet particular programmatic parameters.

The resulting benefits to our clientele are numerous, especially in the ability to minimise redundancy & inefficiency in our business costs which is reflected in the value-oriented fee structures we define. 4d will not act for a client on a basis which damages our commercial viability, but we are able to adapt to & target project needs such that our clients know they are investing wisely.

Further to our architectural & design team, 4d have developed a superior range of associations with secondary consultants across the full spectrum of services including planning, engineering, heritage, surveying, quality surveying & graphic design. In unison, there are few if any challenges that cannot be met.